My wife and I are investigating the idea of putting together a book of and about Josef Albers' Homage to the Square series, and I'm starting to develop a mild obsession with the subject. So, in honor of Albers, for the next little while, I'm only going to change one of the values (Red, Green, or Blue) from the previous color, so every color will be somewhat related to its neighboring colors. For example, the previous color was #26C760 (R=26, G=C7, B=60, in hexidecimal notation). For this color, I only changed the Red value from 26 to CF, making this color #CFC760. (You can see the color values at the top of your browser.)

Albers created hundreds of images using the same exact composition of quasi-concentric squares, and he did it for over a decade. The only thing that changed was the color. Albers was interested in exploring both the emotive, evocative qualities of color (giving some images titles such as "Departing" or "Guarded"), as well as the visual effects that happen when colors are juxtaposed—how they influence and react with each other. As evidenced by this color journal of mine, I relate very well to Albers' interests.