1. The raw materials are free.
  2. And easy to use.
  3. And astoundingly diverse.
  4. Writing is easy to share with people.
  5. Words are much more efficient at communicating than colors or sounds. Practically everything is at language’s fingertips. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but there’s a whole universe in and between us that can’t be photographed. This is really just a round-about way of re-stating reasons 2 and 3.
  6. I could use a project.
  7. I miss being naïvely creative. For me, when it comes to art/design/music, there’s too much of a burden of history, teachers, and peers. It’s probably a cop-out, and I probably could work through all that (and will probably need to), but I’m enjoying feeling uninhibited.
  8. I want dialogue. I could’ve put my writing online in a more static format,[†] but I wanted people to be able to comment—both for egotistical purposes as well as the exchange of ideas and thoughts. So please disagree with me, and feel free to ask or comment about anything. (I do plan on posting some opinions, questions and theories relative to art, art-making, and life in general, so this reason will be more relevant then. Maybe.)
  9. I want critiques. You don’t have to be nice.
  10. I have some things I’d like to say.*

* Sorry to use this link twice. I couldn’t help myself.

[† This used to be hosted on a blog with comments and such. I have since changed my mind.]